15. Cell Count

This is more of an interim note that a full scale blog. Went to the hospital on Monday and apparently my white cell count has plummeted despite all the supplements and the GCSF injections. It was absolutely fine last week but the last cycle of chemo does have this effect. What this means is that I am wide open to infections so I am on house arrest until Thursday, when I have another blood test. If the white cell count is still low I will have to go in for blood platelets or a blood transfusion, neither of which I want.

Luckily I can work remotely from the desktop at home-but the crazy thing is that I really do feel fine. It was a real shock to be told how much my blood count had dropped and for a while I felt really angry with my body. Which is a pointless exercise I am sure you will agree. There does seem to be a message in all of this about insisting on continuing on as normal when my poor body is protesting that it needs a break. Maybe this time I’ll learn! Our lovely flat is filled with sunshine, so I am planning on sitting in my own little spot of it and absorbing the light and goodness. No doubt that will manifest as another blog, but in the meantime, for those of you kind enough to be sending me healing, I would be truly grateful if you could focus on the regeneration of my white cells.

Thank you so much

Margaret xx


About Margaret Cahill

After diagnosis of Mantle Cell Lymphoma in 2013, I started this blog to stay in touch with friends, family, and and an ever increasing network of lovely people who sent me healing. The readership increased and I ended up blogging for all I was worth to try and stay sane through the chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. Then after I went into remission (thankfully) I was enjoying the writing so much that I have carried on, and the blog seems to have become a bit of a resource for people, which is lovely. The original year of blogs have now been made into a book, Under Cover of Darkness: How I Blogged my Way Through Mantle Cell Lymphoma. It fills in a lot of the gaps between the blogs, and the tone falls somewhere between graveyard humour and explicit details of chemo treatments. I do hope you enjoy it :-) Mxx
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9 Responses to 15. Cell Count

  1. Dolores. says:

    Ok Margaret…one load of regenerated blood cells coming up, courtesy of the Archangels

    love Dolores


    • :-) Thank you Dolores. I had a nap this afternoon and do feel there was a change. I was visualising a troop of white-clad helpers coursing through my system, making everything clean and healthy. Fingers crossed for Thursday! M xx


  2. Your white blood cells will regnerate as if by magic, Margaret. You won’t even know it’s happening! xxx Mario


  3. Sue J says:

    Hello dear Margaret,
    An Email arrived this morning advocating cinnamon and honey for regeneration of the immune system – what have you to lose – especially if you use manuka (high level) honey?
    At this moment, to cure …something…I am munching seedED grapes from ……Asda……….. ‘bully for you!’ Did I hear you say that?
    Lots of love Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  4. Extra healing for your white cells is on the way…
    Hugs Mishxxxxx


  5. neil says:

    The troops are sending in reinforcements!


  6. jillimattson says:

    Hello Margaret, I have met your husband through the Internet, I sent him article to post. He is so concerned for your health and gave me this link, as I promised to send you healing energy, which I have done.

    I love the way you are developing a relationship with your body. it is consciousness, and we all would have great accomplishment to learn to listen to our cells and bodies. I will speak to your blood cells and help them maintain healthy & beautiful energy!


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I have the best possible support in Stephen and he looks after me really well so I am getting plenty of rest. I really appreciate your healing and support.
      Warmest wishes


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