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Stem cell harvest Here we go…. Just a one minute insight into my six hour experience of the stem cell harvest. We  have an appointment with my lovely consultant tomorrow so I will write the next blog after that. If … Continue reading

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23a. Centrifugal Force – Frankensteina speaks

You will not believe today. In fact you will so not believe it that I have recorded two videos that will go up on YouTube once they are edited. The whole process of the stem cell harvest depended on my … Continue reading

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23. In On the Action

Ever determined to use the time available to me, I’m typing this from Ward 10 (the Outpatients version of Ward 11) while connected to the IV drip, down which is coursing the irradiated blood from somebody else’s veins. To bring … Continue reading

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22a. Red Alert

Good evening lovely people. Back from the hospital and more blood tests in preparation for the harvest on Monday. Not fabulous news unfortunately: my neutrophil count is a big fat zero, which is as low as it can possibly go. … Continue reading

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22. Are We Nearly There Yet?

Now I’m safely on the other side of Cycle 4 I can look back at the highs and the lows with a bit of perspective. You might be wondering how there can possibly be any ‘highs’ to chemotherapy. I would … Continue reading

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21. Diving a Bit Deeper

And so a period of relative freedom draws to a close. Tomorrow I go in firstly for an echocardiogram to check my heart is still looking OK, then upstairs to my good friends in Ward 11 to start Cycle 4. … Continue reading

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