23a. Centrifugal Force – Frankensteina speaks

You will not believe today. In fact you will so not believe it that I have recorded two videos that will go up on YouTube once they are edited. The whole process of the stem cell harvest depended on my blood test this morning so it was a pretty tense time. The results came back and  as my blood cells seemed to be on their best behaviour we were all systems go. I will post a much more detailed description and hopefully attach the video link in the next few days, but suffice to say I was wired up to a machine worthy of Star Trek or Dr Who. The actual wiring up was very painful. It took three attempts to get the cannula into my right arm (the supposedly ‘mobile’ one) then the left arm, the one that would remain rigid for the next six hours, took a lot of dedicated work by the nurse to offer up its vein. The machine is a new, updated version of the older one, so we also had the benefit of the trainer who was absolutely lovely and was there to teach one of the nurses how it all worked. As it turned out we had many hours at our disposal to communicate with each other and we bonded over our approach to alternative medicine, children and Big Pharma.

More details soon, as I am very tired , but I have to tell you this:

My blood has been taken out of my body through my left arm, pumped through a machine that separates out the plasma, the stem cells, and the red cells (video to follow, amazing, trust me), then returned through my right arm in a reconditioned and cleansed state, not once, but two and a half times. How incredible is that? And even more importantly, the volume of cells obtained from the harvest is pretty impressive. I asked how many cells they were looking for as I heard that a couple of million would be good. We had to wait an hour for the results to come from the lab, but it was worth it. The nurse told me that to make the maths easier they just deal in single figures. So two equals enough for one transplant, and four would be good (which is what my consultant wants). The result? Nine. Almost as good as Strictly Come Dancing at its best. So I don’t have to go back tomorrow for a rematch and I now have four days ahead of me with no hospital appointments. And how I do feel? Amazing. I thought I would be completely exhausted by being rendered immobile on a futuristic machine from 9.00am until 3.00pm but I feel enervated, invigorated and cleansed. I feel better than I have since this whole debacle got underway in January. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart to all of you who send healing and are in this for the long haul. This isn’t an easy journey and Stephen and I appreciate every single thought and every prayer.

There is a lot more to follow :-)

Margaret xxx


About Margaret Cahill

After diagnosis of Mantle Cell Lymphoma in 2013, I started this blog to stay in touch with friends, family, and and an ever increasing network of lovely people who sent me healing. The readership increased and I ended up blogging for all I was worth to try and stay sane through the chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. Then after I went into remission (thankfully) I was enjoying the writing so much that I have carried on, and the blog seems to have become a bit of a resource for people, which is lovely. The original year of blogs have now been made into a book, Under Cover of Darkness: How I Blogged my Way Through Mantle Cell Lymphoma. It fills in a lot of the gaps between the blogs, and the tone falls somewhere between graveyard humour and explicit details of chemo treatments. I do hope you enjoy it :-) Mxx
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10 Responses to 23a. Centrifugal Force – Frankensteina speaks

  1. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!


    • Thank you so much, and also for including me on your friend’s list. Every single prayer and every bit of support means so much. When I meditate I feel as though I am moving into a huge current of love and support and that I can’t begin to describe how important that is, especially in the darker moments. Big hugs M xxxx


  2. matrixdavis says:

    Good going Margaret! That is good news. Enjoy your time in better health. I bet you are!




  3. yeh- great result.


  4. Jeff says:

    Margaret, thanks for sharing your incredible journey. This sounds like a very positive step. Take care. Jeff


  5. Neil says:

    Doing a celebratory dance right now!! Great great news!


  6. maria barry says:

    Eyes are now leaking! Keep on keeping on, and the healing will keep coming.


  7. Stephanie says:

    Wow! Incredible. Bionic woman! You’re doing very, very well. Keep your courage up for the rest of the journey. Soon you’ll be on the other side of all this.

    Sending you as always love, light and healing.



  8. Kris Brandt Riske says:

    Love this fabulously incredible news!!! Go Margaret!!!!! xoxo


  9. Penny Crane says:

    Who knew that washing out your blood would have such a rejuvenating effect! I hope you are able to really enjoy some solid ‘up time’. And I can’t wait for the videos. Love that kind of stuff! Sending good wishes and healing thoughts your way. Be well!


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