Stem cell harvest

Here we go…. Just a one minute insight into my six hour experience of the stem cell harvest. We  have an appointment with my lovely consultant tomorrow so I will write the next blog after that. If the link above is misbehaving, try this one

Happy Sunday!

Margaret xx


About Margaret Cahill

After diagnosis of Mantle Cell Lymphoma in 2013, I started this blog to stay in touch with friends, family, and and an ever increasing network of lovely people who sent me healing. The readership increased and I ended up blogging for all I was worth to try and stay sane through the chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. Then after I went into remission (thankfully) I was enjoying the writing so much that I have carried on, and the blog seems to have become a bit of a resource for people, which is lovely. The original year of blogs have now been made into a book, Under Cover of Darkness: How I Blogged my Way Through Mantle Cell Lymphoma. It fills in a lot of the gaps between the blogs, and the tone falls somewhere between graveyard humour and explicit details of chemo treatments. I do hope you enjoy it :-) Mxx
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6 Responses to Stem cell harvest

  1. Ronnie Smith says:

    good luck Margaret – will be thinking of you tomorrow xxx


  2. matrixdavis says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Blessings on your continued treatment tomorrow. ‘Once more unto the breach’ comes to mind.

    I couldn’t get the attached video to play. Perhaps it’s because I’m outside the UK – or some other tech reason. Not to bother you but perhaps you have some insight into this.

    Isn’t Komella coming to visit you soon? I hope so. I know you’ll enjoy that.

    I’m working on a re-edit of Locality Astrology [slowly] and am enjoying it. I already have replacement pictures for the big grey ACG maps that were the main culprit. More work to do however. I’m awful with editing programs. Do you have any suggestions who might put humpy dumpty back together again [when the time comes]?

    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Love and Blessings,



  3. Helen Legg says:

    Hi Margaret, thinking of you for tomorrow big hugs Xx


  4. matrixdavis says:

    Sending you blessings before I even get your report! Thinking of you all day…

    M – xoxox


  5. bbom says:

    thanks for posting your articles so often, every day i access your website and check for updates. so i am always informed. bbom bbom bbom bbom bbom


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