PET Scan Result

Dearest everyone,

We are just back from the hospital after getting the result of my PET Scan: I am in complete metabolic remission, which is about as good as it gets. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for all the love, healing and support that has been extended to both Stephen and me. A bigger and more fulsome blog will follow shortly :-)


About Margaret Cahill

After diagnosis of Mantle Cell Lymphoma in 2013, I started this blog to stay in touch with friends, family, and and an ever increasing network of lovely people who sent me healing. The readership increased and I ended up blogging for all I was worth to try and stay sane through the chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. Then after I went into remission (thankfully) I was enjoying the writing so much that I have carried on, and the blog seems to have become a bit of a resource for people, which is lovely. The original year of blogs have now been made into a book, Under Cover of Darkness: How I Blogged my Way Through Mantle Cell Lymphoma. It fills in a lot of the gaps between the blogs, and the tone falls somewhere between graveyard humour and explicit details of chemo treatments. I do hope you enjoy it :-) Mxx
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20 Responses to PET Scan Result

  1. matrixdavis says:

    Hooray!! What a journey…. Blessings and more blessings….



  2. Darrelyn Gunzburg says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx


  3. Dolores. says:

    Dear Margaret, that is such good news, you must be over the moon. i’ll keep up the energy push though for a few months yet.
    i broke my right an bruised mt ribs in Seattle…slipped on some wet grass…felt a right fool///1 am in plaster now, at least it was not the same wrist as before…lots of love ..keep well and happy



  4. Bernadette Brady says:

    WOW… you are a miracle woman!!!! xxx


    • Ah thanks, but I am totally convinced it was the massive support team that got me through. From the medics and much hated chemo to the people who randomly stopped me on the street (the headwear was always a giveaway), there was such an immense swell of energy that I almost felt I was carried through the whole thing on a massive wave. Now we have reached the beach in safety it is very still and calm. I’m planning on it staying that way! Mxx


  5. Sue Williams says:

    That’s wonderful news! xxx


  6. Sue J says:

    Hello dear Margaret ,..Amazingly and deservedly wonderful. Even though you have tried not to think of this experience as a battle against cancer, it has been a battle – against the temptation for toxic pleasure-giving foods and comforting habits ( as I reached for a glass of wine I remembered your unsatisfied longing for the same) and a battle against the ballooning of doubt and despair and a mass of other assailants. Although I don’t and can’t, know how I would feel, I hope you will now, just sometimes, feel free to feast and relax unguarded
    May you and Stephen both sleep very very well tonight,
    Love from Mike Sue and Beau xxx


    • Ah thank you. It is a big relief to be sure. We celebrated by going out for a meal with my younger son Matt and cracking a bottle of bubbly. We will definitely come to the writers’ group Xmas party. Any idea of the date yet? Big hugs, M and S xx


  7. Wonderful news!!!!! Love to you both…Mishx


  8. Caron Rogers says:

    Not even 7am & I’m crying already – tears of joy that is. Fantastic news, I hope you have a hangover this morning! Cx


  9. maria barry says:

    Fan bloody tastic! Enjoy that news with your family. xxxxx


  10. Maria Moloney says:

    Wonderful news:-) Very happy for you and enjoy your celebrations xxxxx


  11. ronnie says:

    That is fantastic news – well done Margaret and all the prayers and healing thoughts have come up trumps xxxxx


    • Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you much, especially for you sending me thoughts and healing when you have been going through it yourself. Here’s sending loads of light and love back to you!
      Warmest wishes
      Margaret xx


  12. Terrif! That’s a tremendous relief!



  13. LORNA HOBBS says:

    Oh well done Margaret! Your strength comes shining through, although there must have been many times when you didn’t realise it. Reading all that you have written here proves to me that you are a superb writer; personally I do hope that your transformation includes you publishing your own humane writings – it will touch so many people. By the way, I have a friend who works in the cancer ward at Bath hospital, and I told her about your Vitamin A drops recommendation. She had never heard of it, but needless to say was very interested, so I asked her to pass it around at Bath – so maybe other people can benefit from you having discovered this. I just have to rejoice, and say again ‘well done!’. I send you every good wish there is. Lorna Hobbs.


    • Hiya,
      Thank you so much – and I do hope the good people of Bath benefit from you spreading the word. It completely astonishes me how some hospitals like the Royal Marsden have managed to show that alternative/complimentary therapies in many forms work very well, whilst others act as though it is witchcraft. Kept spreading the word! Hopefully my book will do the same :-)
      Warmest wishes


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