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Astrology, a Place in Chaos – Bernadette Brady

1902405218cvrThis is one of the Wessex Astrologer books, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed working on with Bernadette. It isn’t exactly rocket science to realise that if you want things to change, you have to, well, change something. Yes? So changing the tiniest thing, like the hand you use to open a door, can set a teeny ripple going that will most probably affect the rest of your life. Try it. And sometimes it only takes the smallest thing to effect a massive change – which is what the ‘tipping point’ is. Fascinating stuff. Oh, and read the book too. It’s brilliant and you don’t have to be an astrologer to get a lot out of it. Available from The Wessex Astrologer and

 The Journey – Brandon Bays

9780007456079The Journey was a huge help to me as I started the long road through treatment to recovery. Brandon’s determination to get well through examining her deepest emotions was just the inspiration I needed and I still refer to it now.  Available from and

Call of the Dervish – Pir Vilayat Inayat


A lovely book that is great for dipping into to get some home truths and food for thought when the need arises. To be honest, anything that gave me something to think about during treatment was a bonus – and in my case the deeper the better. What better time to ponder life’s mysteries than when you are facing possible death? Available from and

The Soulmate Myth: A Dream Come True or Your Worst Nightmare?

Judy Hall

9781902405452mA book from Flying Horse Books, the imprint within my company The Wessex Astrologer, in which Judy considers the good and the bad aspects of meeting your soulmate. Bear in mind that a soulmate experience – and that doesn’t necessarily mean a lover – could be one that pushes you to the brink in order to give your soul the growth it planned before incarnation. Available from and

The Book of Why: Understanding Your Soul’s Journey – Judy Hall

9781902405483mThe companion volume to Soulmate Myth, which explores the idea of ‘twin flames’ – souls that come together in a lifetime with no karma to resolve with each other. Just the giving of support. Mine and Stephen’s story is told in this one. Aaah :-) Available from, and

Graceful Passages – A Companion for Living and Dying  CD Rom

Graceful PassagesBeautiful, beautiful music to be appreciated very much by the living and I love it. A double CD Gift-book containing music with spoken messages from skilled guides who have faced pain, loss, illness, or near-death while birthing a compassionate wisdom in the process. Included are the voices of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, Arun and Sunanda Gandhi and others. Catholic, Protestant and Jewish clergy are represented as well as Native American, Confucian and Buddhist perspectives, creating a truly multi-faith resource. Woven with a customized musical score of great beauty, it creates a compelling invitation for the listener to consider the eternal questions of life.  Available from and

Good Vibrations – Judy Hall

9781902405285mA fabulous resource for protection on all levels as well as for enhancing your personal power – something that is almost essential when you are in hospital. I used the techniques taught in here frequently during treatment – and still do in fact. Published under Flying Horse Books and also available through and

 Broken Open – Elizabeth Lesser

LesserLove this book. Elizabeth Lesser co-founded the Omega Institute over 25 years ago, and it is now the biggest spiritual retreat centre in the world. This book is filled with inspirational stories of people who have overcome what appear to be overwhelming odds – not just in health, but in every walk of life. Just the kind of thing I needed to get me positive and ready to kick ass again. Available from and

Dying to Be Me – Anita Moorjani

AnitaWhat can I say? This book started off a whole chain of events that have literally changed my life. Apart from being a wonderful book, detailing her miraculous return from death by lymphoma, Anita is one of the most positive and pure-hearted people I have ever had the good fortune to be in contact with. She invited me to one of her events (which sadly I couldn’t make as I my immune system was too low) and then invited me to join her invitation-only cancer support group on Facebook. There I have met the most beautiful souls, several of whom I have written about in the blogs. And then she was kind enough to give me an endorsement for my own book. Amazing. Oh and read the book. Available from and

Fear – Thich Nhat Hanh

FearThis is without doubt the book I talk most about, and the one which has really got my into practising Mindfulness. I found the fear almost overwhelming in the early days of diagnosis and treatment, as my mind extrapolated out all kinds of terrifying and heartbreaking scenarios. Simple techniques like concentrating on the breath calmed me down – and still do. Possibly the most powerful little book in print today, as I really believe that fear is at the root of most of our problems. If we can focus on the moment – every moment, just as it comes along – then we get the most from every minute of every day, instead of fearing what ‘might’ come next. It features lots of simple sentences like this, which is my favourite:

As I breathe in I become aware of my heart…

Breathing out I smile at my heart.

How lovely is that? Now if everyone did a bit of that every day the world would be a nicer place. Available from and

Not Quite Nirvana – Rachel Neumann

NeumannWell the first thing I loved about this book was the cover – cos I used to have hair a bit like that before it all fell out. And the second thing is that the author is the editor for Thich Nhat Hanh and has produced from his writings the most beautiful, sensitive and easy-to-follow books on Buddhism that I have ever seen (including ‘Fear’). And I have tried a few. This is the honest truth of her daily trials and tribulations after starting to work on his books. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Available from and

AstroGraphology: The Hidden Link Between Your Horoscope and Your Handwriting – Darrelyn Gunzburg

9781902405339 coverNow this will fascinate loads of you and you don’t have to know a thing about astrology to benefit from it. I was at a conference years ago with Darrelyn, and she carefully studied my handwriting to tell me about areas where changing the way I wrote a character could be improved to enhance various aspects of my life. I needed to make the ‘t’ taller, stronger, and with an upward sloping cross stroke. Just that thing. Really. And you know, it was amazing. Now, I’m not saying this could happen to all of you, obvs, but within a year of changing my writing I had escaped from an extremely negative relationship and found the love of my life. Now how about that? This stuff works. Available from The Wessex Astrologer, and

Radical Remission Dr Kelly Turner

TurnerI’m not sure it’s actually possible to love a book any more than I love this one. I know I keep saying that, but there are so many brilliant books that have come my way. Dr Turner is a research scientist who decided to study all the cases of ‘spontaneous remission’ from lethal cancers that had been sniffily dismissed by doctors because they couldn’t find a reason for the patient being cured. She researched over 1000 cases of people who were given seriously terminal diagnoses, and came up with seven things they did in common that contributed to their survival. And no, I’m not telling you what they are – go and read the book. Then buy it for a friend. It is stupendous and totally inspirational. Available from and

The Surrender Experiment Michael A. Singer

Really loved this. Learning to go with the flow is an ongoing challenge for me, so this book came along at the ideal time. It is easy enough coping when life is good, but how about when events spiral out of control – like in the really serious way when the author found himself facing accusations of financial mismanagement by the US government? It reads like a thriller, with the pace continually increasing – until I just couldn’t put it down – but it carries a very strong message about giving up control. You can find it on and

Seeds for  Boundless Life Zen Blanche Hartman

A beautiful book that gives me strength in trying times. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to enjoy her words as they will ring true for anyone seeking solace in a difficult and changing world. From and

Thank and Grow Rich  Pam Grout

Gratitude features very strongly in maintaining an optimistic outlook, but it is incredibly difficult to keep up that energy, especially in the face of serious illness. I was initially pretty cynical about this book but very quickly grew to love Pam’s easy-going humorous style of writing, and it really encouraged to me look for the teeny-weeny bits of goodness in each day instead of the bigger grey worries. Plus the riff on the title is brilliant (Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill). Once you read this you’ll want to go off and read her other books.

Available from and


And then there’s this totally cool and very beautiful little book, as mentioned in Blog #85

Time Surfing: The Zen Approach to Keeping Time on Your Side    Paul Loomans

Time Surfing

This book has really trasnformed the way I think. I became interested in mindfulness way back when I was having chemo and the stem cell transplant as a way of staying sane during the looooong hours attached to a drip. So youcan imagine I’ve read just about all the approaches out there. Paul’s book somehow spoke to me in a different way and I am really, really impressed with his gentle and humorous approach. And the best thing of all is that he doesn’t think we need to keep To-Do lists (apart from seriously important things like holiday packing) – we can train our intuition to bring to our awareness the things that need doing when they need doing. This brought a massive smile to my face as countless well-meaning people have tried to get me to keep one and I just lose it or forget to look at it, such is the level of my disinterest :-). Go forth and enjoy. It’s delightful. or


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