Trusted Sources for Lovely Food and Good Supplements

I’m pretty picky about where we buy our food from, and that pickiness extends also to the supplements we take. I’m accumulating a list of links here of the websites for the products we use – please feel free to send suggestions as obviously mine are only for the UK. It would be nice to have a central resource for people to reference when they are looking for good quality nutrition. And it goes without saying that almost all of it will be organic. So here we go:

Herbal Tea

This lovely website is run by Sebastian Pole, the founder of Pukka Herbs. The teas are gorgeous and really tasty – my favourites are Detox, Cleanse, and Elderberry and Echinacea (which is like a grown-up and non teeth-rotting very healthy version of Ribena). The Three Ginger tea knocked my cough on the head when combined with a spoonful of organic honey. Yum. He also does ayurvedic supplements and some really nice Aloe Vera juice. All the Pukka range are available through supermarkets and health food shops as well as online. Enjoy.

Lentils and Pulses (and dried fruit)

We get their barley and lentils and they are lovely. Always rinse before use, obvs. And you might be interested to nip over to my recipe  page and find out how to make a veggie paella with barley and a really tasty lentil pie (even if I say so myself).

Herbal Supplements

We were put on to these people by our ayurvedic homoeopath; they are wonderful. Their products are organic wherever possible and can be bought as powders, in solution, or capsulised (which I have cos I’m a wimp); they have a really good catalogue and a very comprehensive website, and you can also call for advice.

Organic Veg and Fruit

We love, love, love these people. I heard about them when I was in having chemo  as their daughter was a nurse on the ward. She told me about life on the farm – which involved her helping with lambing after a 12 and a half hour shift at the hospital – and I was so impressed we decided to order a veg box. And we still do most weeks. If you have a friendly local farm that offers a similar service let us know and we can post the details here.

More to follow… but do let me know of your local suppliers and I can add them here, which will be a big help to others who are at the beginning of this journey.


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